hey i had a pretty crappy week so yea mayun this is gonna be really short cause i g2g home sarah is staying the night with me at my dads house n we r going to see blade 3 AWESOME k g2g DUECE:)


man i had a pretty crazy weekend!!! ..on friday chrissy came over to my house and we decided to go to my dads house soo.. when we got to my dads house we just went out to the garage nplayed pool n stuff and kyle came over and stayed for about an hour just sitten!! then we decided to go in side and kyle left and me n chrissy just sat on my couch and watched movies till we got tired..the next morning chrissy got up and left for church! then i finally got up and went out to eat with my dad.. came home and mowed the yeard which is actually VERY hard!! then my dad invited a bunch of people to come over and he had a party and he actually let me drink!! it was fun but i wanted to go walk somewhere but i had no where to walk!! then i called sarah and i went over to her house n we went to my aunt tammys house which is tanyas mom!! and we smoked which was awesome i was soooo HIGH!! then sunday we just layed around my aunts house n slept all day then me n sarah just came back to her house it was a fun weekend and now we are just sitting at sarahs and im about to take a shower because i feel gross n stuff so im just gonna eat n take a shower n go to bed because im beat!! and yea so leave me a comment!! duece fuggas

<3 amy the greatness!!

my life is sooo forlorn!!!!:(
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heyyy dudes

hello everyone im at homw just chillin with sarah in my brothers room and so i decided to update today:) well i was supposee to go to the movies tonight with ashley n jason but i dont have money or a ride!! so i think chrissy is coming over and we are gonna spend the night at my dads house OHHH and my dad called me today!!wow! n e ways he was like u wanna go out to eat n i said sure and he ws like well we r going to eat sea food EWWWWWWW he has known for like 15 years that i dont like sea food i think he was just saying that to be nice cause he knew that i wouldnt go!!lol well i just thought that yall would like to know that :) well i guess imma leave it with that so suck my wan DUECE

<3 amy!!
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hey everyone its my first journal so yea i dont really know what to write so.........im just gonna start talking..
well today sucked!!because i hate school so much! hahah but doesnt everyone well n e ways i cam ehome with sarah to do some home work n my mom started tweakin like always! so i just like said whateva and went on with my buisness and now im tired so leave me a comment!!

<3 amy
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