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for reals!

man today was pretty cool me n sarah went to the mall and hung out with her family we saw a really hot guy there mayun he was hott!! but anyways we woke up at like 12:30 n got up got dressed then i went walking around the neighborhood with chris burke which was pretty cool he is a cool guy so yeah me n him went to wal-greens then he started walking home and i came back to sarahs house and waited for her to get out of the shower so i just called cj(my cousin) to see wut he was doing tonight but of course he was going to get drunk with his friends, he sometimes takes me with him but sometimes he doesnt!! but then me n sarah n her family went to whataburger which was really good n then to the mall then we came back to her house and these guys were suppose to come pick me n sarah up to go drinking with them but the assholes ditched us so i watched little black book while sarah got on the computer!!! then she came in the room and started singing(very loundly )lol...then i went out of her room into the computer room and her dad started screaming at her brother zachary because he thought it was his little friend that he had over was singing even thought it was sarah it was really funny!!!! so now im here updating my journal even though no one reads it except sarah:( but thats ok because im kool like that so hmph!! well i guess im going to go now iight talk to yall( sarah) later much love

<3 amy jo

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