sun_shine_bebe (sun_shine_bebe) wrote,

lalalalala warm it up!!

sup naughty,
well today was another boring day as always i went to school and then went to chris matheny house which was ok i guess we just sat in his room and i tried to get on the computer but the stupid mouse was being gay so that didnt happen anyways i went and asked his dad if he would take me home and he said yes chapps was with me then we got to my house and no one was home so i tried to call everyones call phone to tell them that i was home but no one answered so i was like eff it!!! then my mom called like 0 mins after well me n chapps are suppose to go to the mall tonight so that should be fun!!

well i guess ill talk about my problems since i cant think of anything else to talk about ok..... well ashley diggs is like my best friend and she has been with this guy named chad and me n him dont get along very well because we both want to spend time with ashley since she is my best friend n shit but i know that boyfriend and girlfriends are suppose to spend time with eachother but your not suppose to ditch your best friend for your boyfriend and it just pisses me off all the time....and then he will call me and say that he wishes that me him n ashley could be friends like we used to be and then he turnes around and tells a bunch of people that he hates me n shit and it makes me just want to go up to him and punch him right in his ugly stupid face ugh.... and then i found out that he cheated on her and then i told her what he did and maybe she wouldnt love him as much since he treats her like shit and dosent deserve her AT ALL!! but anyways she acts like nothing ever happend they are still acting like they are together n i just get so mad when i see them together..... so yeah next time i see him im gonna go up to him and punch him in the face i swear and i hope he hits me back so he can get his ass beat again for hitting a girl and it would just be so great well i guess im going to go now and get ready to go to the mall ok well leave me a comment and tell me what i should do about ashley n chad thanx love you

<3 amy jo:)

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