sun_shine_bebe (sun_shine_bebe) wrote,

yo sup sreggin

sup naughty,

well today went ok! i guess you could say we had to go back to school today and it was pretty boring!! which school usually is! well my mom picked me up early like around 230 to go to my grandmas house.. me n like all the women in my family are going on diets and eating helathy and excersing n shit like that so now me, my mom, my grandma, my 2 cousins. and my 2 aunts.. are all getting together on tuesdays and thursdays to workout together n stuff like that so now at home my mom wont let me eat any junk food or anything and she makes me go walking with her everynight its not that bad though it gives me n her a chance to talk i guess.. then i came home after my grandmas and helped my mom cook dinner we had grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.. then me n my mom went walking around the block for about a half hour and came home and did the dishes so my day was pretty boring!!

and now i am about to go to bed here in a little bit so im not so tired tomorrow its about 919 so yeah i dont know what else to say really.... well i guess im going to go now so im out

duece sreggins

<3 amy jo

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