sun_shine_bebe (sun_shine_bebe) wrote,

sup naughty

ok im only writting in this is so jeff can leave me a comment but it has to be more than 30 words so it will be 31 so yea mayun my life is pretty boring so there is really nothing to talk about well last night sarah stayed the night with me and we were all alone because my mom spent the night at her boyfriends house oh and my lil bros were there but they dont count so n e ways me n sarah we just fighting n stuff then i went and took a bath while sarah talked on the phone to jeff and then i got dressed and made sarah take a sleeping pill and then we were fighting some more then we went to bed and my mom called at like 630 to make sure i would clean my room before she got home so i finally woke up around 130 and sarah n i cleaned my room then jeff was gonna come over but then we came to sarahs house n saw him and his friend at the gas station to tell them we were leaving we screamed at them but they didnt look up so we said f it then we got to her house n got on the computer!! and that is how my day is going!!


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